Ancient purple, so precious….

Like everyone else, I suppose, in my youth I came across riddles whose solution was only known to me much later.

The one we are going to discuss here has only recently been answered.

I studied Latin from the sixth to the final year of high school, which also included many courses on ancient Rome. And I have always been intrigued by that purple color from the murex that the Romans seemed so fond of, but that was used so sparingly that the senators’ gowns had just one band. Why this colour and not another, and what was so special about it that Nero, in his madness, decided to reserve it for his exclusive use under penalty of death?

Tips for successfully combining antique and modern furniture is the purpose why I have started Antique Fan website.

It is possible to combine old rooms with very modern furniture. Provided that we find the right balance.

Whether or not you are a fan of classic furniture, we all have at least one antique room in our home. Their imposing shape and slightly dated appearance is not always easy to associate with the rest of our more modern decoration. Discover all our tips for combining classic and modern furniture.

How to combine classic and antique furniture in your decoration?

Bring a touch of fantasy

To warm up this classic architecture (old fireplace, ceiling mouldings), we do not hesitate to mix the various trends of the moment: 50′ armchair, graphic posters, Berber carpet and design ball suspension.

Playing with contrast

The Henri II style table in dark wood is lightened thanks to a series of chairs with a white shell and graphic metal base. The contrast is strong but it works.

Softening the lines

To break the rigor of ultra-functional kitchens, there is nothing like curved bistro chairs and why not a farm table.

Putting your furniture on display

The office area is dramatized with this old waxed wooden table, enhanced with industrially inspired suspensions, a plastic chair with original curves and two large “Arty” posters.

Dare to use colour

This imposing secretary is highlighted by a colourful wall of intense shade and an association with designer chairs.

Shifting furniture

The chic and precious look of the room is attenuated thanks to the grey and aniseed green design benches, the small graphic tables and above all thanks to the small school desk.

Choose strong parts

A masterly mirror, a very sober basin unit, a golden yellow wall. Separately, these elements are almost commonplace, but once combined, they balance out perfectly.

Taking risks

Dare in a modern setting, a single and unique antique piece that stands out for its kitsch or its superb, a Henri II table, a rococo armchair, a XXL china cabinet… She’ll shake up the decor and give it a good dose of pep.

Repainting your furniture

To refresh a family piece of furniture or simply to redesign an outdated room and combine it with a modern ensemble, the colour is ideal. Black erases defects, fir greens or night blues play the trend and roses and intense reds electrify everything.

Focus on details

A carpet, a mirror or an antique frame is enough to personalize the decoration of a room or a living room where grey, beige or white are omnipresent.

Combine materials together

Wood, ceramics, rattan, antique furniture and decorative objects warm steel, lacquers and contemporary plastics to perfection.

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