National Antiques Market Exhibition

The traditional appointment with Teggiano Antiquaria returns to Castello Macchiaroli.

Atmospheres and details in a fascinating journey through treasures, curiosities and antiques. The national market exhibition of antiques and collectibles. Furniture, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, silverware, porcelain, objects, carpets, toys, glass, numismatics and vintage prints.

TEGGIANO – The traditional appointment with Teggiano Antiquaria, the market exhibition of antiques and collectors, is back. Furniture from the Setteceto, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, silverware, porcelain, furnishing objects, carpets, collector’s toys, Murano glass, numismatics and period prints, including engravings from the 14th and 17th centuries, can be admired in the evocative setting of the Convent of the Holy Pity, in the historic centre of the medieval town of Teggiano.

Over the years Teggiano Antiquaria has become a reference point in southern Italy for fans of the sector, both for the value of the exhibitors, both for the quantity of objects on display. For five days Teggiano becomes the capital of antiques. Many people come back to Teggiano to visit the city, to know the historical, cultural and environmental beauties not only of Teggiano but of the whole province of Salerno.

Teggiano Antiquaria will also give space to modern art and art deco, with objects of all kinds made with materials of daily use (aluminum, plastic, wood inlaid, etc.). Many innovations are planned for this edition.

The town of Princess Constance, in fact, from 29 October to 3 November in the beautiful spaces of Castello Macchiaroli you can admire and buy the best currently offers the national market of antiques and collectibles.

On the two floors of the Castle Macchiaroli will be exposed furniture of the eighteenth century, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, silverware, porcelain, furniture, carpets, toys, Murano glass, numismatics and prints of the period, including engravings of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. A section of the exhibition will also be dedicated to modern art and art deco.

During the exhibition 25 exhibitors from all over Italy, present the best of their collections, giving the opportunity to admire period furniture, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, ceramics, icons, stones and furniture, silverware, carpets, collectible toys, Murano glass, philately, numismatics and vintage prints, including engravings of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries.

All unique pieces, highly selected, offering an important and unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to admire and buy works of high aesthetic value and secure investment over time.

The event also represents an opportunity for the promotion of Teggiano, a town in the heart of the Vallo di Diano and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During Teggiano Antiquaria visitors can admire the historical, cultural and architectural beauties of the medieval city of Teggiano and the surrounding towns such as the Charterhouse of San Lorenzo in Padula.

The Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte, the Caves of Pertosa. An opportunity to attract tourists to the Valdiano territory in a period of low season with consequent economic repercussions for businesses, accommodation and catering facilities and all activities related to the presence of tourists.

Teggiano Antiquaria is organized by Casartigiani, Salerno with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno, with the patronage of the Municipality of Teggiano.

The opening ceremony will be attended by military, civil and religious authorities that after a brief presentation of the edition of Teggiano Antiquaria will officially open the exhibition area located within the Castle Macchiaroli.

Location of excellent historical, artistic and architectural value in the heart of the historic center of Teggiano medieval village, located south of the province of Salerno.

Macchiaroli Castle of Teggiano (Salerno). Owned by the Macchiaroli family, the castle was the residence of the Sanseverino princes. Built in Norman times, it is one of the most important in Southern Italy.

Probably an initial restoration was ordered, towards the end of the thirteenth century, by the King of Naples Ladislao di Durazzo, who having confiscated it from the Sanseverino, Counts of Marsico, ordered that all the towns of Vallo di Diano contributed to the expenses.

It is probable that the Sanseverino family, when they returned to their lands at the behest of Queen Joan II, have further strengthened the Castle. Another restoration was carried out in 1487 by order of King Ferdinand I of Aragon.

The Castle for many years assumed the role of defensive system and is mentioned in history for two events: the Conjuration of the Barons in 1485 and the Siege of Diano in 1497. With the new feudal lords who took over from the Sanseverino princes, the Castle passed from the role of warlike fortress to a quiet feudal residence.

Another restoration was ordered in 1619 by the owner, the Marquis Giovanni Villani and is documented by a plaque at the entrance. In 1652 the castle passed to the Calà, dukes of Diano, who kept it until 1801, when Brigida Calà married Vincenzo Schipani and gave him the feud, the title and the castle. In 1860 it was bought by the Macchiaroli, the current owners.

Sandra R. Robinson

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