Five Most Famous Antique Markets

For their stories, for their atmospheres, but, above all, for their rarity, the flea markets, the traces of all life have something special that makes both the most at home and tourists hooked, with pieces that can not be found in many antique shops in Barcelona, Madrid and other Spanish cities.

For those who, by habit, come weekly as if it were a liturgy, and for those who do not want to miss an opportunity, and never tire of looking for anything in their small stalls before leaving for their city, here we leave you with a small list of some of the most charming markets in Spain where you can find the most unusual antiques.

The Madrid Flea Market

With more than 400 years of history, every Sunday and holiday, sunrise, rain, more or less windy, Madrid’s Ribera de los Curtidores Street, in the popular neighborhood of La Latina, is full of stalls, but especially curious people who are looking for … whatever it is, basically.

From second-hand clothes, toys, paintings, all kinds and types of antique furniture, plugs, cameras, antique jewelry, Belter seal singles, books, films, magazines, stickers, even a Prussian helmet … in short all kinds of junk you can imagine.

A peculiarity of this street market is precisely its organization, since you will find specialized streets as if it were a supermarket, for example, Calle del Carnero and Calle de Carlos Arniches are specialized in the sale of old books, or Calle San Cayetano in pictures, as well as the materials to paint. A very interesting alternative to the city’s art auction houses.

The Enchantments of Barcelona

Els Encants is par excellence the most important antiques market in Barcelona and with the greatest activity in Europe, apart from being one of the oldest in the continent, as its origins date back to the fourteenth century, although with a very different purpose to that of today, as it began being the place where the assets of the deceased were auctioned in order to pay the debts that had left in life, and what was left over to the widow.

As far as the sample book is very similar to the previous one, since here they will be able to be done since pieces that there is no way to find of an old lamp, vintage clothes, books, technological articles, old jewels and of course, old furniture.

It is more, of here have left (some more affordable than others) many of the pieces with which adorn houses of recognized magazines of decoration like AD. Els Encants is also one of the points of reference for lovers and collectors of numismatics and philately.

Since 2014 it has had a spectacular golden cover, which for some people is more than enough reason to walk between their stalls looking at the ceiling, but don’t get lost because there is much more to see on the floor. Nothing to envy to the antique shops of Barcelona.

Mercadillo El Jueves, Sevilla

History, and much, also has this other street bazaar that every Thursday is mounted in the Feria de Sevilla street being the oldest trace of the capital of Seville, and is that its origin dates from the thirteenth century, after the conquest of the city by King Ferdinand III of Castile.

Where in those days there were always craftsmen and tradesmen offering their products, today, there are some of the most extravagant and unpredictable antiques and everything you can imagine and sell second hand, from antique jewellery, books, bicycles, bronzes, antique furniture, musical instruments, porcelain figures, hand embroidered tablecloths, oil paintings, old pocket watches, tools, postcards.

Fair posters, even flamenco and bridal gowns…, all distributed among its more than 100 stalls, at very economic and affordable prices and, of course, open to the bargaining ritual.

The Fuengirola Trail

We could say that the Rastro de Fuengirola is par excellence the market of second-hand objects, crafts and antiques most important of the Costa del Sol. Unlike the previous ones, its origin goes back to about 25 years ago, and arose after the initiative of some foreign residents in love with the marchés aux puces, flea markets, mercats dels encants, or what is the same thing, the second-hand markets all over Europe.

As in the rest of the previous markets, you will find such a wide range of articles distributed among its more than 200 stalls, ranging from the mythical golf balls, a best seller of the flea market, cowbells, antique and vintage objects, antique pocket watches, analogue cameras, toys and dolls, antique furniture from the 19th and 20th centuries in particular, lamps, to a stall specialising in the sale of Playmobil pieces.

Unpacking Asturias (Gijón)

More than an antique market, Unpacking Asturias, is one of the most important and largest antique fairs in the country that is held during the Principality Fair.

A total of 19 editions have already been held, where each year more than 80 exhibitors from all the Autonomous Communities of Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Great Britain exhibit their pieces, whose only requirement for inclusion is to be at least 40 years old.

As in any other fair, it also offers various workshops related to antique painting and restoration. The ticket costs a total of 4 euros at the box office, 3€ if purchased online, which also participates in a draw for a piece always exhibited in the Hall of the Pavilion.

Sandra R. Robinson

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